The goals of our advocacy committee are associated with informing dental students about legislative and regulatory issues that impact their lives while in school and also beyond dental school when they have become practicing oral health care providers. We seek to spread awareness of these issues, but also try to develop a sense of interest and accountability within our dental students to take control of their profession.


The Committee on Advocacy is responsible for putting on the annual ADPAC Drive in order to encourage ASDA members to become a part of the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC). ADPAC is a bipartisan organization that promotes and supports candidates for political office that represent the interests of the dental community. The Committee on Advocacy is also involved with the Michigan State Lobby Day and the ASDA National Lobby Day, which brings students to Lansing and Washington DC, respectively, to discuss issues related to dental school and dentistry with legislators. The committee is also involved with Michigan's ASDA Fever week and puts on a legislative-related event during one of the days of that week. 

Ready to take action? Join us April 26-28th for ASDA/ADA National Lobby Day in Washington DC!


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ASDA advocacy is vital to the protection and welfare of dental students and the dental profession. We want as many students as possible to effectively advocate for dental student issues. 

The Advocacy Certificate Program helps students strengthen and develop their advocacy knowledge. Whether you’re new to advocacy or an expert, the program will help you become a lifelong advocate. 



Held monthly L&Ls throughout the year to discuss ASDAs advocacy webinars regarding advocacy, insurance, and licensure update. Watch out for our next Webinar Wednesday! 


People you don’t know are dictating how you practice. That's why dental students participate in ASDA’s Advocacy Month each November. This year’s theme is E Pluribus ASDA.

The month will focus on the importance of students advocating together to positively impact the profession and the patients you serve. Students will engage in advocacy-related initiatives throughout the month by taking local action to make a national impact. 


State Lobby Day is an annual event that is held in Lansing, MI at the State Capitol.  The day was hosted by the Michigan Dental Association (MDA) with students from both the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit Mercy.  Throughout the day, students meet with legislators from all over the state in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.   

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