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Each semester, our Health and Wellness Chair hosts a wellness week to promote healthy living for the mind and body. 

Through events such as a early Monday morning Parfait day and a luncheon with our Counseling and Psychological Services counselor, we hope the week is a reminder of the importance of mental and physical health! 

UMich ASDA is dedicated to ensuring the health of our members, both physically and mentally. We anticipate various events to include: endorphin releasing physical activities, such as yoga sessions and Zumba, and educational session on promoting, maintaining, and prioritizing a well balanced life to ensure stable mental health.


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ASDA’s Annual Session brings together hundreds of student leaders from all 66 U.S. dental schools. It is the official meeting of ASDA's House of Delegates (known by past attendees as "the best week ever") and the meeting during which association policy is voted on. Attendees hear from prominent speakers both within and outside dentistry addressing hot topics and sharing inspirational lessons.   


ASDA's National Lobby Day brings delegates from across the country to Washington, D.C. This is an opportunity for students to talk to legislators, and push for changes in legislation centered around dentistry. It's one of the many ways ASDA thrives in organized dentistry and advocacy!  


The Michigan Chapter (District 6) joins 11 different chapters at an annual conference that joins members from District 6 and District 7. The conference focuses on chapter development through breakout sessions, development workshops, and networking opportunities throughout the two districts.   


Each year in November, a group of dedicated Michigan ASDA members join 800 other dental students in Chicago, IL for ASDA's National Leadership Conference. The main objective of the weekend is to develop leadership skills and knowledge that can be applied towards personal professional success as well as chapter development.  

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