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University of Michigan

School of Dentistry


1011 N Unversity 

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Social Events

Trivia Night

The infamous Seward’s Folly occurred in 1867, which involved the $7 million purchase of what?
At a distance of 2 million light years away, what is the name of closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy?


These are a couple of questions that were part of the ASDA Trivia Night put on by our Social Chairs!

(The answers to the questions were, “Alaska” and “the Andromeda Galaxy” in case you were wondering!)


Each semester, our Social Chairs organize a Trivia Night at Ann Arbor Brewing Company where a private room is rented out by ASDA for a fun evening and perfect break from the busy schedule of dental students. Since Trivia Night under the social co-chairs has been started, each event has maxed out in capacity as 13 teams consisting each of 4 people sign up to compete for various gift card prizes based on how well they know their random facts!

It is fun to see a group of friends come together and discover how much they know between the four of them to work really well as a team. Trivia night offers a great break from school and lets people get to know each other better outside of class.

Trivia Nights

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