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The  Voice of Dental Students at the University of Michigan


1011 North University Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Executive Board


Guilty Pleasure:  I pretend to enjoy summer, but it's my least favorite season. 


Malika Malik

Guilty Pleasure: Taco Bell :)

Professional Development Chair

Jen Warznie

saraht 2.jpeg

Guilty Pleasure: Meijer dill pickles chips and baby videos.


Sara Tinawi

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 7.58.12 PM.jpe

Guilty Pleasure: Pineapple on Pizza

Pre-Dental Liaison

Ardwan Meshaal


Guilty Pleasure: include murder documentaries, sour candy, binge watching the office and all things cats 

Media & Community Service 

Chrisy Gauss


Guilty Pleasure: Watching Grey's anatomy again and again and again

Fundraising Chair

Jenna Vander Velden

sarahk 2.jpeg

Guilty Pleasure: I'd say traveling is my guilty pleasure. I spend all my extra money impulsively on vacations

Social Chair

Sarah Kowalski

IMG_0525 2.jpeg

Guilty Pleasure: Watching Stranger Things instead of studying

Editorial Board

Alec Maddalena

Guilty Pleasure: Getting a donut every week from the grocery store because I need the pick-me-up

Health & Wellness Chair

Michael Havel

Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Bachelor with my roommates and finishing an entire Costco sized bag of Skinny Pop

Membership & Engagement

Rachel Crittenden


Guilty Pleasure:  I pretend to enjoy summer, but it's my least favorite season. 

GKAS Liaison

MaryClaire Kiernan

alex 2.jpeg

Guilty Pleasure: watching Vampire Diaries


Alex Bageris


Guilty Pleasure: I LOVE candles - I can't pass a candle without smelling it .

Lunch and Learn Coordinator

Tasha Deb


Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream and watching football...all day.

Pre-Dental Liaison

Alex Eason

Guilty Pleasure: Eating wasabi peas and popcorn! Great combo 

Media & Communications

Ashlynn Schiro

Guilty Pleasure: If I happen to be within 15 feet from insomnia, i will go in and buy three cookies.

Golf Outing Chair

Will Buurma

Guilty Pleasure:  I cancel plans so I can hang out with my cat instead. 

Social Chair

Sarah Kawar

Guilty Pleasure: 7/11 version of Doritos >> Regular Doritos


Community Service Coordinator

Kaysee Ishman

Guilty Pleasure: All of my study sessions include Reese’s Pieces, Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, and Peach Redbull

Turner's Trot 5k Chair

Hayley Laird


Guilty Pleasure: Watching meme videos on instagram

Golden Crown Chair

Briana Gonsar

Guilty Pleasure: I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every episode of The Office at least 64 times.

ITDP Representative

Ola Kobierzycki

Guilty Pleasure: When I watch a cartoon show/movie with my six-year-old brother and I pretend it is just for him.

D1 Representative

Mohammed Ismail


Guilty Pleasure: I love Coke Zero with a fiery passion and have to resist buying it to control myself 


Allyson Christman


Fun Fact:  I own two Australian Shepherds.

Legislative Liaison

Josh Brown

Guilty Pleasure: Stopping by McDonalds on my way home from grocery shopping

Website Chair

Tommy Vu

Guilty Pleasure: eating sour patch watermelon with peanut butter........ and for some reason only the watermelon kind

Fundraising Chair

Anna Kelman

Guilty Pleasure: I love to spend my free time hunting and going up north.

Golf Outing Chair

Logan Wood

Guilty Pleasure: Imagining being a student at Hogwarts and re-reading the Harry Potter books.

Editorial Board

Raysham Hayat

Guilty Pleasure: Sweetwaters Dirty Cold Brew when I study

Professional Development Chair

Sarah Swartz


Guilty Pleasure: glass of wine and netflix at the end of a long day 

Turner's Trot 5k Chair

Kelly Chick

Guilty Pleasure: Eating breakfast in bed while watching New Girl 

Sustainability Chair

Anna Fetolli

Guilty Pleasure: The movie Norbit with Eddie Murphy. I can probably recite every line of it. 

D1 Representative

Malaak Hamadeh