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University of Michigan

School of Dentistry


1011 N Unversity 

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Member of the Month

Every month, we recognize an ASDA Member who goes above and beyond for our chapter. Hard work deserves to be highlighted!

July 2019

Sarah Swartz (D2)

Sarah Swartz graduated from Hope College with a Bachelor of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. She is currently a D2 serving on ASDA’s Membership committee, as well as a class representative for ASDA. She is also actively involved the CDA (Christian Dental Association) as well as SPDL.

What do you like most about dental school?

I love learning. There is SO much of it to be done – but it’s extremely rewarding to master a skill or obtain new knowledge that you didn’t have the year before. It is even more rewarding to utilize that skill and knowledge to serve your patients well!

Why do you think people should join ASDA?

ASDA has been a very positive part of my dental school experience. I love being involved in a group that spans widely across the dental school, and has opportunities for everyone. I’ve gotten to know a lot of upperclassmen through it, and it benefits me to stay involved in something outside of my studies.

What has been your favorite ASDA experience so far?

I love Lunch and Learns! Yes, the food is yummy. But the variety of Lunch and Learns ASDA has really exposes me to the different opportunities dentistry provides and fills me in on what is happening outside the four walls of the dental school.