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Anna Kelman

Anna Kelman graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. She is currently a D3 serving as ASDA’s Secretary, actively involved in Delta Sigma Delta and Ped’s club.

What do you like most about dental school?

I love the community! Since we only have about 100 people in our class, I feel as though
we all truly know each other and feel comfortable enough with each other to ask for
help and support. Dental school is hard enough, but the people help you make it

What has been your favorite ASDA experience so far?

Conference in Indiana! It was my first ASDA conference and I enjoyed meeting dental
students from other schools while learning more about dentistry and getting closer with
ASDA members.


What is your favorite quote?

“This too shall pass.”


What is your biggest piece of advice for pre-dental students looking to apply?

It's cliché, but be yourself in your essays and interviews. Dental schools look for genuine
and unique people, so don’t feel like you need to fit a certain mold when applying to

What’s been the most memorable experience from dental school so far?

The most memorable experience from dental school so far was finishing D1 year.
Everyone was so happy and celebrated together accordingly. I felt accomplished that
such a difficult year was behind me, and I knew I could take on whatever else dental
schools throws at me!

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January: Rachel Crittenden ('22)
February: Kaysee Ishman ('22)
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March: Sarah Kowalski ('22)
Alex Bageris
April: Andrew Kotlarz ('22)
May: Anna Kelman ('22)
June: Josh Brown ('21)
July: Sarah Swartz ('22)
August: Chrissy Gauss ('22)
September: Ryan Beyea ('21)
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October: Alex Eason ('23)
November: Ardwan Meshaal ('23)
December: Malaak Hamadeh ('23)
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November: Ardwan Meshaal ('23)