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University of Michigan

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Pre-Dental Bootcamp 2018

Every year, ASDA hosts a Pre-Dental Bootcamp that welcomes pre-dental students from across the state to engage in a day of workshops and networking with dental students.

Throughout the day, the dental students show the pre-dental students what a life in dental school is like. Waxing, drilling, mock interviews, and much more! The bootcamp illustrates the excitement that follows from being an undergrad student to a current dental student!

Reflection of the Day

Jayne Kessel is a D3, a graduate from Hope College with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Spanish. She is currently serving as one of ASDA's Pre-Dent Liaison, involved in planning the Pre-Dental Bootcamp. 

"The fourth annual UMich ASDA Pre-dental Bootcamp was a great success! Over 50 pre-dents were in attendance, while over 45 dental students and 5 faculty members volunteered their time. In the morning, the pre-dents were given a great deal of information to help them succeed in the application process – a dental student panel that provided honest experience and advice, a taste of what D1 year is like from Mike O'Brien, and even a presentation by our very own admissions director, Pattie Katcher. Next, the pre-dents were ushered to the Old Sim Lab to go through a few rotations of Multiple Mini Interviews, intended to be as close of a replica to a true interview day at UMSOD as possible! Our hope is that this gives them an extra boost of confidence when they're here for the real thing someday. After a personal statement writing session given by the amazing Miranda Bush and Rita Maizy, the pre-dents enjoyed lunch and socializing with each other as well as dental students. Finally, all afternoon the pre-dents got to try their hands at some dentistry, as they got a fast-paced introduction to some skills learned in D1 year: drilling with a high-speed hand piece, filling a class 1 preparation, waxing tooth #8, and taking impressions + pouring them up.


It was a joy to work with Alex Bageris and Alexa Weisgerber to plan this big event! I attended the first ever Bootcamp myself when I was applying for dental school, and I never imagined that I would be the one running the event three years later. Being a Pre-dental Liaison for our ASDA chapter has been such a rewarding job. I loved seeing the pre-dental students come away from this event informed and excited to pursue a career in dentistry, and in turn they've inspired me with their eagerness and have left me feeling refreshed in spite of the challenges of dental school. These pre-dents reminded me of my younger self who longed to be here, and they remind me that each day at UMSOD is a gift.

A few words from some of the pre-dents themselves:

"This event has re-motivated me to persist and keep working towards my career goals in the dental field. Awesome event!"

"I really enjoyed the day overall. I loved having mock interviews, and having the freedom to get so much feedback throughout the day."

"Made me even more interested in dentistry! Loved it!"

"I felt the information given today will be extremely helpful as I continue my application process and am grateful for the opportunity."


Thank YOU, pre-dents, for your continued interest in this field and your desire to learn! Can’t wait for Bootcamp 2019!" 

2018 Pre-Dental Bootcamp Gallery

Thank you for a wonderful 2018 Pre-Dental Bootcamp!


Find the highlights from this past year's Pre-Dental Bootcamp below!

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Interview with Dani Stanbouly

Dani Stanbouly is a pre-dental student who attended the 2018 Pre-Dental Bootcamp! Learn more about him below.

- Where are you from? What’s your educational background?
I was born and raised in Sharjah, U.A.E. After graduating from high school, I moved to the US as a permanent resident to pursue both my undergraduate and dental education. I attended the Honors College at Michigan State University. I graduated with high honor and received my major in Human Biology and minor in health promotion in December 2017.

- What got you interested in dentistry?
My interest in dentistry stems from my passion for drawing. Impressed by my artwork, a close friend suggested that I apply my dexterity to a career in dentistry. The profession’s artistic nature first struck me in one of my earlier shadowing sessions. While I was scheduled to observe a dentist restore a patient's teeth, I honestly perceived an artist create a masterpiece. Intrigued, I further explored this artistic nature as a dental assistant. Immersed in the procedures that I conducted, I often lost track of time meticulously carving temporary crowns to perfection. It eventually occurred to me, however, that dentistry brings more to the table than just esthetics. After assisting in the treatment of underprivileged
patients on my dental mission trip to Honduras, I realized that dentistry was, to an equal extent, an avenue to significantly help people and make a difference in their lives. The intrinsic rewards dentists experience complemented my interest and cemented my decision to join dentistry.

- How did you hear about UMich ASDA Bootcamp, and why did you sign up?
I heard about the UMich ASDA Bootcamp from my pre-dental club. More specifically, I saw a flier posted online on my pre-dental club’s Facebook page. Signing up was quite frankly a no-brainer as I saw myself benefiting in numerous ways from this event, particularly connecting with successful dental students whose footsteps I intend to follow in.

- What are you doing now to prepare yourself for a life in dentistry?
Apart from shadowing dentists and reading dental articles and magazines, I have been preparing for a life in dentistry to the greatest extent as a dental assistant. Apart from learning about different dental procedures at a greater depth, I have the privilege to engage in patient-care; I take impressions, fabricate crowns, capture radiographs, educate patients on oral hygiene, and assist the dentist with all dental
procedures. Additionally, I am able to get a feel for how a practice operates by assuming several administrative duties; I answer phone calls, schedule appointments, and document patient records. As a dental assistant, I have been exercising and developing my teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, which are key to a well-rounded dentist.

- What did you like most about ASDA Bootcamp?
While all of the event’s activities were engaging, the mock interview session stood out. The interviews were conducted in a very professional and organized fashion; the dental students did a fine job at replicating the MMI interview format. Additionally, the dental students attentively listened to our responses, genuinely cared about what we had to say, and provided us with insightful feedback. Overall, it got me excited for my actual interview.