Our organization is dedicated to serving both our pre-doctoral as well as Pre Dental members. Students planning on applying to dental school in the future can run into trouble when it comes to navigating their application and career choices. Our mission is to provide guidance and connection for these future dental leaders. ASDA continually reaches out to Pre Dental groups at various universities across the state to promote Pre Dental member engagement and to offer Lunch & Learns, help sessions, and mentorship to those planning on a career in dentistry.


As dental students, our team recalls the challenges we faced when applying to dental school, and we are now dedicated to helping others overcome those challenges. We love sharing our passion for the profession with others and we would love to speak to, interact with, and mentor students that share our interests.

Did you know you can join ASDA as a Predent? Check out this link on how to join!


Meet The Team


Every year, ASDA hosts a Pre-Dental Bootcamp that welcomes pre-dental students from across the state to engage in a day of workshops and networking with dental students.

Throughout the day, the dental students show the pre-dental students what a life in dental school is like. Waxing, drilling, mock interviews, and much more! The bootcamp illustrates the excitement that follows from being an undergrad student to a current dental student!


UMich ASDA hosted Pre Dental & D1 Shadow Session throughout the month of October to allow pre-dentals to shadow D1s for “A Day in Dental School” and experience Sim Lab!  

Meet The Team

Alex Eason, Ardwan Meshaal

Umich ASDA

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