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University of Michigan

School of Dentistry


1011 N Unversity 

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Pre-Dental Bootcamp

Every year, ASDA hosts a Pre-Dental Bootcamp that welcomes pre-dental students from across the state to engage in a day of workshops and networking with dental students.

Throughout the day, the dental students show the pre-dental students what a life in dental school is like. Waxing, drilling, mock interviews, and much more! The bootcamp illustrates the excitement that follows from being an undergrad student to a current dental student!

2019 Pre-Dental Bootcamp Gallery

From 2018

From 2017

Thank you for a wonderful 2019 Pre-Dental Bootcamp!


Find the highlights from this past year's Pre-Dental Bootcamp below!

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Read more about the 2018 Pre Dental Bootcamp here:

2018-2019 Pre Dental Liaisons

Jayne Kessel 


Alexa Weisgerber


Sara Tinawi


Sedonni Harris