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University of Michigan

School of Dentistry


1011 N Unversity 

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

X Factor Series 

Adjusting from high school to undergrad is a big feat, but transitioning from undergrad to professional school, particularly dental school, is an extremely daunting challenge. Still, it is absolutely achievable as long as the student has the proper mindset. With this in mind, dental students, Joe Fazzio and Syed Hussain Haider, developed a resource for pre-dental students that would help with this process.


The X-Factor series was created as a result of this desire to address common misconceptions that pre-dentals had, not only about admission into dental school, but also dental school itself. The goal was to highlight the differences and unique features of current dental students, in the hope that pre-dentals could drift away from the misconception that every dental student is the stereotypical 4.0 Biology major. Instead, this series reveals that dental students encompass business majors, college athletes, prior business owners, and even unorthodox students who are in their 30s and decided it was time for a career change. This series challenges pre-dents to find their “X-factor”, to embrace their differences, and to use these differences to their advantage throughout their journey to a career in dentistry.